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EKOTENZOR-03 (Luxmeter-luminance meter-pulsemeter)

The device is designed to measure the illumination generated by natural and artificial light, the source of which is placed arbitrarily relative to the measurement area, or the illumination created by a point source, the direction of radiation of which coincides with the normal to the photometric head, including LED sources, compact fluorescent lamps (energy-saving) and others; brightness of non-luminous and luminous extended objects, as well as for measuring the pulsation coefficient of light sources.

The device model-03 consists of a photometric head with a corrective filter and an information display unit, which contains a precision control current-voltage converter, a microprocessor and display devices. Model-03 device has an extended range of illumination measurement, has access to a personal computer and autonomous memory.

Additionally, the package may include software for displaying measurement results on a personal computer, a cable for data transfer to a personal computer, and a charger for charging autonomous batteries.

Basic technical characteristics

Spectral measurement range of devices - from 380 to 780 nm

Illumination measurement range - from 0.01 to 2x105 lx

Brightness measurement range - from 1 to 2x105 cd/m2

Ripple measurement range - from 1 to 100%

Limits of permissible basic relative error in measuring illumination (δЕ) in the range from 0.1 lux to 2٠105 lux - no more than ± 5%

Limits of permissible basic relative error of brightness measurement (δL) in the range from 10 Cd/m2 to 2٠105 Cd/m2 - no more than ± 7%

Limits of permissible basic relative error in measuring the pulsation coefficient - no more than ± 10%