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UV Radiometer Tenzor-71 B

Producer - “Tenzor”, LLC, Scientific and Production Company

Supplied with state verification


UV Radiometer Tenzor-71B

Tester of bactericidal lamps and UV irradiators

Specialized device for measuring energy light (intensity) created by mercury bactericidal lamps with a working wavelength of 254 nm with direct removal of the measurement result in μW/cm2


Quality control of bactericidal lamps and UV irradiators during production.

Checking the performance of a bactericidal lamp, including to continue its resource.

Assessment of the distribution of UV radiation on the premises.


It consists of a measuring unit and a radiometric head.

Additionally, at the request of the customer, the delivery device with the battery can be included.

Basic technical characteristics

Wave wavelength 254 ± 2 nm.

Energy Light measurement range (intensity) 0.1 - 1000 μW/cm2

Discreteness of the impressions of 0.01 μW/cm2

The limit of the main relative error of measuring energy light ± 10 %.

Display: graphic.

The angle of view of the device corresponds to the cosine law.


1 button on and off the device.

1 Control button

Power: four standard 1.5 V AAA battery.

The device comes with a certificate of calibration according to DSTU ISO/IEC 17025