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UV-radiometer-dosimeter "Tenzor-71"

Producer by

“Tenzor”, LLC, Scientific and Production Company

Number U3429-13 in the 

State Register of Measuring Instruments of Ukraine

Supplied with state verification

Multifunctional Measuring Instrument:

• energy illumination and energy dose of ultraviolet radiation generated by natural and artificial (mercury, arc, deuterium) and other sources with known spectral characteristics.

• energy dose and energy illumination generated by bactericidal (BAC) and erythema (ER) components of artificial (mercury) sources of UV radiation.

• Depending on the purpose and configuration, the UV meter has three versions:

• UV-radiometer-dosimeter "Tenzor-71" type 1 is designed to measure irradiance and dose in subranges A, B, C;

• UV-radiometer-dosimeter "Tenzor-71" type 2 is designed to measure irradiance and dose in the ER, LHC subranges;

• UV-radiometer-dosimeter "Tenzor-71" type 3 is designed to measure irradiance and dose in the subranges A, B, C, ER, BAC.

• The device provides measurement of the luminescence intensity of mercury bactericidal lamps with a working wavelength of 254 nm.

It is used for conducting sanitary and hygienic studies during certification of workplaces (recommended by the State Standard and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine)

Main technical characteristics

Spectral sensitivity range, nm 200-400

Spectral subranges of radiation:

- UV-A, nm 315-400

- UV-B, nm 280-315

- UV-C, nm 200-280

Energy measurement range illumination, W/m2 10-4 - 2х102

Limit of basic relative error, % ±10


- erythemal (Er), nm 280-400

- bactericidal (Tank), nm 200-400

Energy dose measurement range, J/m2 1 to 107

Dose accumulation time setting range, 1s - 100 h

Limit of basic relative error, % ±15

There are three implementation options:

Tenzor-71 type 1 - radiometry and dosimetry in A, B, C bands;

Tensor -71 type 2 - radiometry and dosimetry in the Er and Bak bands;

Tenzor-71 type 3 - radiometry and dosimetry in A, B, C, Er, Bak bands.

The amount of data stored in the non-volatile memory is not more than 2000.

Data exchange with the computer is carried out via the USB port.

Additionally, at the request of the customer, the package may include software with a data cable